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Paver Patio Installation

Gorgeous Paver Design Options to Transform Your Outdoor Space

A well-designed paver patio gives you a comfortable space to entertain your family and friends. Apart from improving your home’s aesthetic and function, it can also add to its value. A patio is one of the biggest home improvement projects that guarantee the best returns on your investment. So, it’s a worthy spend!

If you’re thinking about a paver installation, get in touch with us! Our company serves clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other nearby areas (Ramsey and Hennepin Counties).

Our Twin Cities-based company does more than just install pavers. We consider the selection of tools and materials. After all, the colors, textures, and patterns influence the character of your spaces. Here in Minnesota, we experience a seasonal cycle that requires a thorough material selection, as well as the best installation practices, to ensure your pavers withstand the MN weather.

pavers being installed in colonial heights

Custom Paver Designs to Bring Your Vision to Life

We service the entire Minneapolis, Minnesota area with quality retaining wall construction services.

Why Choose Pavers?

For homeowners looking to replace their boring driveway or add some “pizzaz” to their home, pavers offer a cost-effective and proven solution. Paver bricks add value and beauty to any space. They are also long-lasting and often budget-friendly.

Patio Installation

If you’re considering pavers, here are reasons you should say yes to these home installations.

Pavers guarantee endless design possibilities. Paver designs are plentiful! The sky’s the limit when it comes to patterns, shapes, and architectural style combinations. No matter what the installation is (paver patio or driveway), pavers can add interest to any space.

They are easy to replace. Concrete layers are costly to repair and replace. Plus, they don’t look the same once replaced. With pavers, you’re free to remove the affected area. This lets you enjoy more leveling for the ground. The best part: they look good as new!

Their beauty is timeless. If a drop of oil lands on a concrete driveway, it immediately becomes an eyesore. This isn’t the case for pavers. Pavers can be quickly replaced or flipped to keep their clean appearance.

Paver Walkways, Patios, Fire Pits, and More!

We service the entire Minneapolis, Minnesota area with quality retaining wall construction services.

paver walkway in kingsport tn

What to Expect During Patio Paver Installation?

When you hire our company to install your pavers, we’ll follow our tried-and-tested installation process that includes the following steps:

  1. Planning and layout. After our initial consultation with you, we’ll perform an assessment of your area. We’ll determine if there is enough space and where your pavers will go. Our planning includes the calculation of the number of pavers needed.
  2. Excavation. Once we’ve finalized the plan, we’ll start the excavation. After the excavation, we’ll place a temporary border to set the correct slope and height. 
  3. Laying of the Base Material. Once the excavation is completed, we’ll start laying the base material. We make sure the material is laid to a thickness that suits the intended use of the pavers. 
  4. Edge Restraints. Edging is a crucial component of paver maintenance. We properly install edge restraints to keep your pavers from moving and separating. 
  5. Sand Bedding. Before we lay the pavers, we lay a bed of sand over the base material. This creates a “bed” for the pavers. The sand also protects the sand joints, preventing any erosion.
  6. Sealing. After we’ve finished the sand bedding, we’ll start cleaning and sweeping. Once we’ve swept the area, we’ll seal it to ensure everything is in place.


Do Paver Patios Add Value to Your Home?
YES! Most homeowners don’t just add paver patios to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their homes. They install paver patios to add value to their residential property too. When done properly, a paver patio can deliver an ROI of anywhere between 30 to 60 percent.

How Long Will a Paver Patio Last?
Pavers are durable; they can last a long time. Properly maintained paver patios generally last for 20 years, but some can last up to 50 years. As long as you always clean them and do maintenance (when needed), you’ll enjoy your paver patio for a long time.

Is It Cheaper to Build a Deck or Lay Pavers?
It depends on the material you choose. In general, laying pavers is more affordable compared to building a wood deck. The cost of concrete pavers ranges from $4 to $14 per square foot (prior to the installation). On the other hand, natural stone can cost up to $30. Pavers are also low-maintenance, which makes them the more affordable option.

Are Pavers High Maintenance?
Paver patios require minimal upkeep. To keep them clean, all you have to do is sweep or blow off any debris on the surface. Pavers are prone to stains, all of which you can easily clean off with soap and water. If needed, there are special cleaning formulas you can use. These solutions can remove any grease, oil, rust, or food stains.


Ever since we opened our doors to clients in St. Paul and Minneapolis, we’ve been dedicated to providing quality paver installations at affordable prices. Unlike other contractors, we like our work to speak for itself (as well as reviews from our clients).

All of our clients receive access to quality installations, reliable customer service, and knowledge. We can meet all of your paving and masonry needs, whether it’s a small one or a large project. Trust us to be available for work at all times.