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Emma Moss
Emma Moss
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Got an estimate on a new paver patio installation and a walkway to the driveway. Loved the hardscape design ideas they showed us. We ended up deciding to hire them after some consideration. Let me tell you, I’m glad we did! The crisscross patio paver pattern looks so beautiful, and they finished the walkway with some nice edging and mulch. BBQ island next? Lol! Really wonderful craftsmanship at a really fair price 🙂
Brett Harris
Brett Harris
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The team did an excellent job removing an old structure and installing a 80 ft retaining wall for us. They gave an estimate on the spot and completed things quickly.. we saw them out there working on it morning to evening everyday. They compacted the fill behind the wall that has already been tested by several heavy downpours and has held up great. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking affordable and professional outdoor services!
Sherry Hamrick
Sherry Hamrick
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Very nice young gentlemen. They built layed a paver walkway about 15 feet and touched up my fire pit with paver brick finishings. I thought the cost was very fair and definitely recommend them to anyone needing to spruce up their backyard living area
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Known for their great shopping areas, quaint neighborhoods, spectacular theaters, and fine dining, St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota (collectively known as the “Twin Cities”) have a lot to offer to locals and visitors alike. As for the greenery, the Twin Cities wow everyone with plenty of picturesque gardens, parks, trails, and natural reserves.

The greenery of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota inspires the locals to emulate its beauty in their yards. However, not everyone has a good day with their yard. Many homeowners spend free time tending to their gardens and still, it doesn’t look the way they want them. If you’re a homeowner, it can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Instead of spending your weekends trying to make your lawn perfect (without getting the results you want), let our landscapers do the hard work for you. Our independent lawn care experts improve outdoor living spaces by performing paver installation, building retainer walls, and other home improvement services.

If you need a trusted name in hardscapes, our company is at your service. We offer quality landscaping services in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other surrounding areas (Ramsey and Hennepin Counties).

Ready to Transform Your Yard? Need a Project Done?

We service the entire Minneapolis, Minnesota area with quality hardscaping services. Give us a call today!


There are plenty of other landscape management companies in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota that complete landscaping jobs timely and skillfully. So, what sets us apart from them?

We boast of our dedication to providing superior customer service. Our full-time office staff is always available to answer your questions and walk you through our services. This is an essential component in making sure your experience with us is stress-free and easy. Apart from our office staff, we also work with trained landscape experts who put customer service first. Our insured staff always runs the extra mile to provide 100 percent quality services.

Not only will your project get the complete 100% attention from a dedicated team, but you will also benefit from quicker completion times. As a result you get extreme attention to detail to your space that will be ready in no time! 

Paver Patio in Kingsport using Belgard Design Concepts


Pavers offer many benefits that make them the best choice for residential and commercial applications. If you want to create an outdoor space or update your current one, installing a paver walkway or driveway provides an attractive yet cost-effective solution that adds character to any space.

Pavers look beautiful and improve your property’s curb appeal. They are available in different designs, colors, and styles, so you’ll have endless options at hand. Apart from improving your outdoor space’s aesthetics, pavers can also improve its function.

When properly installed, concrete pavers can last you up to 30 years with minimal maintenance! The durable concrete is resistant to skids, abrasion, and freezing. If the pavers get dislodged, we can easily reset them without costing you too much. Pavers are also great for reducing flooding and stormwater runoff.

MAINTENANCE – If you are looking for a low-maintenance material for your custom outdoor living space, pavers are an amazing choice. Should they ever crack or get damaged from heavy impact, you can easily replace individual pieces as needed. Cleaning them is also a breeze and paver contractors can add sealants to them to lock in color and protect them further from any wear over time.

Pavers offer unmatched flexibility in terms of design options. They come in a virtually unlimited amount of colors to match any tones of the surrounding area that fit your taste. They also can be cut into any shape only limited to your imagination. If you are looking for gorgeous hardscape options with the ultimate customizability, brick paver installation are your perfect choice.

PROPERTY VALUE – Having a licensed professional paver contractor install paver stone patios, walkways, or outdoor hardscape designs to your Tennessee home will drastically increase your property value. With a well-designed backyard landscape and outdoor living space, you can easily charge more rent or increase your sell price of your home. If you are not ready to sell or rent, brick paver installation can become an investment you simply get to enjoy for yourself!

COST-EFFECTIVE – While pavers generally cost more upfront than concrete patios or asphalt (for driveways), they will save you more money in the long run. Repairs are both easier & cheaper, and because of their durability, they can last much longer. In addition, even a simple well-designed paver driveway can greatly increase your home’s value, giving you a positive return on your investment.

Concrete is the most common material used for paver installation. These blocks are available in different shapes and sizes and are known for their durability. Because of their durability, these concrete pavers are a popular flooring choice for roadways and driveways.

Other popular materials for pavers include bricks, flagstone, travertine, marble, porcelain, rubber, and cobblestone. Some homeowners even use pavers made from old recycled plastic.

Retaining Wall Kingsport


Retaining walls look simple, but they do a great job at maintaining your yard. These walls hold back soil, enabling you to control downhill erosions. If your area is prone to soil clogging, installing a retaining wall is a great idea. It can minimize erosion by holding back the soil.

Retaining walls can make a slope functional by providing pedestrian access to the area. Instead of walking down and up the slope, the retaining wall flattens out the area, making it easier for you to walk.

These walls also improve the drainage system. It directs the flow of water in certain areas, which is a plus if the garden’s slopes are near bodies of water.

There are four main types of retaining walls:

  • – Reinforced retaining walls. Otherwise known as mechanically stabilized earth walls, these retaining walls use different layers of geogrid to reinforce the soil. This wall increases the soil wall’s ability to resist different settlements, as well as improves its bearing capacity. 


  • – Embedded retaining walls. Embedded walls are used for car parks, basements, metro stations, and other near-surface underground structures. This type of retaining wall offers additional soil support via internal propping.


  • – Cantilever retaining walls. These walls are used to reinforce concrete with a T-shaped or L-shaped foundation. It prevents toppling by using vertical stress behind the wall. 


  • Gravity retaining walls. Gravity retaining walls use the gravitational force of their weight to resist pressure, which prevents sliding and toppling. This is the simplest type of retaining wall. 

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

We service the entire Minneapolis area with quality hardscape installation services. Give us a call today!

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The Belgard Promise

Our contractors have been trained under Belgard University – the leaders in the hardscapes industry. Why is this a big deal for you? We passionately bring your vision to life, using expert craftsmanship and creativity to create gorgeous outdoor spaces using the highest quality materials for your budget.

Whether you are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Paul Minnesota, and surrounding areas, we confidently promise that your investment in your outdoor living space will transform it from a bland area to an amazing space built to last and enjoy for years to come. From paver patios & walkways, to retaining walls, to custom hardscapes, and outdoor kitchens, we have you covered.


Step 1: Prepare the Base. A well-compacted and stable base is the secret to a successful installation. In some cases, excavation is required.
Step 2: Bedding Sand. Next, the pavers will be set in a bed of sand, which provides the final leveling needed to secure the pavers.
Step 3: Restrain the Edges. A stable edge restraint will eliminate any movement from the sand bedding and pavers. These edges can be hard or concrete.
Step 4: Laying the Pavers. Once the bedding sand is settled, it’s time to lay the pavers on the bedding and fit them in the desired area.
Step 5: Paver Vibration. After placing all the borders and paver fields, run a vibrating plate compactor over the entire area.
Step 6: Sand and Seal the Pavers. Next, sand the pavers to finish the “lock-up” process. Finish the entire thing by sealing the project with a paver sealer.

If you need a small amount of paving, or if the paving will be easy to complete for an experienced DIYer, you can try to do it yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do the entire project DIY – if the project is very large or has complicated pieces then it would be better to use a contractor or another service. This could be the difference between uneven patios, broken seals, and unnecessary repairs shortly after installing the pavers yourself. Also, if you are installing a paver wall or retaining wall, we highly suggest hiring a paving contractor, as they need to be more durable and safe.

Start by sweeping your pavers daily. A quick once-over prevents the buildup of leaves, dust, soil, and other debris. After sweeping your pavers, give them a thorough rinse with a garden hose. Apart from rinsing and sweeping, routinely wash your pavers with your preferred cleaning solution to clear away the gunk and soil.

Typically, pavers can cost around $18 per square foot. The most luxurious paver options can cost up to $30 per square foot. But if you’re looking for budget-friendly options, there are pavers that cost $6 per square foot to install. Many factors influence the final price tag of the paver installation. These include the materials, labor, size of the patio, utilities, and landscaping.